‘Do more with less’. It’s a line that you never want to hear at work, but it’s been the reality for many in hospitality in the past year.

We see it time and time again as workers stretch their time to grapple with new rules, new regulations and new ways of working. Whether you’re pulling pints or plating up, it’s a common thread — the work is high-pressure and profit margins can be wafer-thin.

Punters may be raring to go, but COVID-19 regulations present additional challenges to a sector already facing huge demands. Businesses need to take stock of their processes and hospitality must up its game, all with fewer people on the ground. Technology can help with that. And it all starts with the humble checklist. 

Ready, check, go!

Inspections are a key ingredient of success. Keeping them in check starts with one important step: auditing your own processes first. Take an honest assessment of what’s working, what’s not, what has become too complex. Removing technological red tape is critical to improving compliance and fighting process fatigue.

SafetyCulture helps some of the world’s largest industries embed a culture of safety and accountability in their organisations. We’ve seen how cumbersome processes weigh on pandemic weary employees and prevent businesses from doing their best work. 

There is value in simple, effective processes every day. Hospitality is fast-paced and over-complicated workflows help no one. Inspections should not be a burden, instead it should be easy and routine.

An easy way to simplify processes is by using a digital checklist. Spend less time on clerical tasks such as filling in paper checks, typing up reports, and finding the right photos. Instead of losing time on ‘work about work’, digital checks drive action. 

Moving from paper to digital through a platform like iAuditor helps drive accountability with actionable tasks and validation by having a clear endpoint that an employee can complete. Digital checklists effortlessly streamline the whole process from collation to analysis—and to action. 

Stop losing time on ‘work about work’

With social distancing requirements in place, the demands on workers have increased while headcount inevitably decreased. This is where the next phase of hospitality management comes in — sensors

Instead of physically observing environmental conditions and manually recording the details, companies can use sensors to contactlessly monitor conditions in real-time. The technology can keep track of ambient conditions, potential hazards and even be used as a preventative system.

Sensors allow conditions to be rigorously tracked, without excess man-hours involved. Instant alerts will get the right information to the right people should something happen. Instead of waiting for an incident to be uncovered, the technology gives teams far greater visibility of their operations. 

Rather than struggling to do more with less, technology frees capacity so those in hospitality can do more with less. And while recalibrating entire business models, rewriting menus, and transforming dining spaces has taken its toll, the right tools will give teams the time to focus on what they do best – plating up 5-star experiences.

Do more with less and tap into tech with SafetyCulture’s Free Tools & Resources To Grow Your Organisation in 2021.

About SafetyCulture

SafetyCulture is a global technology company which supports businesses to do their best work every day. Its adaptive, mobile-first products help to enhance operations and foster high-performing, safer workplaces. Used by over 28,000 organizations, its flagship products, iAuditor and EdApp enable teams to perform checks, train staff, report issues, capture data and communicate fluidly. In 2020, iAuditor was named winner of Best SaaS for Health and Safety or Risk Management at the SaaS Awards.