Just like fine wine and specialty coffee, premium tea is a must-have for venues as more customers look for the perfect blend.

To cater to the growing tea market and the demand for a luxury tea product, health-conscious businessman, Matthew Youn, decided that it’s time to launch this New York based premium lifestyle brand into Australia market.

Tavalon is a global tea company with 13 international offices, partnering with 8000 clients worldwide and providing premium teas to tea connoisseurs and novices alike.

Since Tavalon Tea launched its operation in Australia and New Zealand in August 2017, the company brings affordable, premium-quality teas to major hotel chains, such as Shangri La and Sheraton, and fine dining restaurants such as The Fish House, Rick Shores and Social Eating House.

Tavalon is also the tea of choice for a number of high-profile events and corporate clients, including International Emmys, Formula One, Google, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan.

These major luxury brands are drawn to Tavalon for its premium quality of ingredients, which are procured by the company’s own tea sommelier Chris Cason.

Only the finest ingredients from boutique tea farms and independent producers across the world are hand blended and packed into various serving formats including loose leaf, individual tea sachets and bulk iced tea sachets.

The extensive range includes unique blends such as: Aussie Breakfast, a malty blend of black teas from around the world; Kama Chai Sutra, a black tea with classic Masala spices from India; Crimson Punch, a sugar-free, tangy fruit blend with blood orange, apple, cranberry, cherry and hibiscus flowers; and Peachy Oolong, a dark Formosa Oolong tea from Taiwan sweetened with peach pieces and sunflowers.

While Tavalon Tea can easily be incorporated into beverage offerings, it can also be used in smoked dishes, tea-infused cocktails or tea-themed desserts. Tea infused gin and other spirits are also an uncommon but popular offering.

Tavalon works one on one with foodservice clients to select a tailored and profitable tea menu and can create customised blends that are exclusive to individual brands.

To find out more about Tavalon Tea Australia & New Zealand and its wholesale offering, click here www.tavalon.com.au/pages/wholesale. Or make an enquiry via wholesale@tavalon.com.au.