All too often, venues across Australia experience maintenance and cleaning issues with soft serve machines and low yields with scooping programs.

Riva wanted to change all of that and so 20 years ago, the Riva Ice Cream Dispensing Systems were launched to revolutionise ice cream delivery in commercial settings.

Today, Riva Ice Cream Dispensing Systems can be found in clubs, hotels, restaurants, cafés, mess halls and a range of leisure and entertainment venues throughout the country.

“Our systems are being used by our clients to offer everything from great self-serve concepts to bespoke quality thick shakes, milkshakes, and ice cream cones created behind counter. There really is no limit to how our systems can be used,” says Karen Ganter Newham of Riva

“We’ve also collaborated with companies to help realise innovative concepts in yoghurt and acai offerings and have more exciting projects in the works.”

Keeping it super simple

Riva’s systems are designed to be easy from every perspective and created for anyone to use. Easy to install, load with product and operate. And the cleaning couldn’t be made easier, with only 4 parts to clean!

In fact, they’ve made it so easy that any staff member can be serving real creamy ice cream within just a few minutes of training.

“Consistently, our clients give us the feedback that while their customers love the real ice cream, it’s the fact that their staff love the ease of use and low equipment maintenance that makes the most positive impact for their businesses,” says Ganter Newham.

“Our clients choose Riva over other ice cream delivery methods for the quality of the product, speed of delivery and their ability to customise the visuals on the dispensers to make it apart of their corporate message,”says Ganter Newham.

Peace of mind is critical

While hygiene has always been a focus at Riva, COVID saw the company introduce a 100%touch-free option called SenServe™. This option is available for new Systems and can also be retrofitted for existing customers.

“Together with our sealed container technology, our new SenServe™ option is perfect for buffet environments. As with all our systems, our pre-frozen ice cream in various flavour and gluten-free options is delivered by local frozen food distributors so our customers can confidently expect the same smooth results every time-even during peak periods,” says Ganter Newham.

Sound like a great solution for your venue?

For more information, contact the team at Riva on 1800 111 123 or visit