When it comes to sustainability, we know those who work in the hospitality industry care a great deal about the produce and ingredients they use – but how about the work apparel they wear and the impact this apparel has on the environment?

Not all hospitality uniforms are created equal – most chef’s jackets, shirts and aprons are made from 65% polyester and have been manufactured in the same styles for almost a century. Most styles are often baggy ‘one size fits all’ uniforms that aren’t flattering and don’t make chefs and their teams look forward to wearing their uniform on a long shift; especially not in the heat of the kitchen. 

Iconic Australian brand

­Cream Collection is an iconic Australian brand that offers chefs the opportunity to wear premium garments that embody sustainability whilst enhancing style. Cream offers a unique combination of fashionable, comfortable and professional workwear which is sustainably sourced and ethically made, with all aprons sewn in Australia – making it the only company of its kind in Australia.

Premium, sustainable and ethically made aprons

Cream supplies sustainable premium aprons to some of the most well-known chefs and restaurants in Australia and overseas, including Rockpool, Jackalope Hotels, Cumulus Inc, Muse Dining, Carlton Ritz Hotel, and Lucy Liu. The company has always been committed to ensuring practical, long-lasting solutions exist in an industry that currently uses so many pollutive materials.

Pam Burnett, Founder of Cream Collection says: “We can all do our part to protect our planet. If we don’t respect and look after nature, nature won’t look after us. I strongly believe that we should be educating the hospitality sector to use organic cotton products. Think about it this way, the same soil that grows your fresh produce grows the cotton we use for garments, and wouldn’t we want this soil to be toxic pesticide free? At Cream Collection, we offer chefs and front of house aprons ethically made from 100% organic cotton and purposefully designed to biodegrade beyond its use. All our products are designed to be the perfect complement to the kitchen or front of house.”

Holistic branded experience

Consideration and planning are crucial to get the perfect tone for your restaurant or café brand, from your logo through to your interiors and the image your team portrays is all part of delivering a holistic branded experience. With Cream Collection’s custom designs, you can have your restaurant’s logo embroidered on the garments and truly make your company shine.

Support sustainability with a decision that feels good and looks good

Understanding how much care you take to create outstanding menus, Cream Collection will match your dedication with the finest chef wear that is ethically made, with all aprons proudly made in Australia.

As a company founded to provide sustainable, ethically sourced apparel of premium quality, Cream Collection supports a more sustainable industry by using 100% organic cotton, making products biodegradable, as well as minimising their carbon footprint. With a carbon neutral shipping that reduces carbon emissions, compostable, plastic-free packaging, and continuously supporting a circular economy by keeping products and materials in use, you can be sure to support a healthier environment when shopping with Cream Collection.  

You and your team can look forward to wearing your aprons day after day. With Cream Collection’s premium, sustainable, and comfortable aprons ethically made in Australia from 100% organic cotton, you can look good and feel good knowing your uniform is environmentally friendly.

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