The combination of award-winning, innovative easy-open portion control packaging and high quality fruit ingredients has made SPC ProVital a trusted brand across the institutional foodservice sector, with health and aged care facilities across Australia offering it to their patients and residents.

Now, in a new initiative designed to encourage greater variety and customer choice, SPC ProVital is available in a Diced Fruit Variety Pack. Each carton contains 12 single-serve SPC ProVital cups in three delicious varieties: four cups each of 2 Fruits, Fruit Salad, and Peaches.

All are diced in juice and make it easy to provide convenient access to healthy, nutritious fruit.

Available from your local distributor or to purchase direct online, the new SPC ProVital Diced Fruit Variety Pack makes it easier for smaller operations such as regional hospitals or aged care facilities to offer greater choice – rather than having to purchase each variety separately in the regular 24 cup carton, you can now get three varieties in the one convenient Variety Pack.

Coming soon, home care recipients living independently can also take advantage of the convenience and nutritional benefits of SPC ProVital’s Diced Fruit Variety Pack by ordering online.

As the winner of the inaugural Safe Food Packaging Award for Australia and New Zealand, SPC ProVital stands at the forefront of packaging accessibility improvements for the institutional sector. Its easy-open portion control packaging not only contributes to improved nutritional outcomes, it also plays a role in reducing food waste, helping improve sustainability outcomes.

The SPC ProVital Diced Fruit Variety Pack is proudly packaged in regional Victoria at a facility which provides local employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth, further exemplifying SPC ProVital’s commitment to supporting local communities and helping to ensure sustainability for our regional centres.

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