With over 40 years experience in sharpening, Tormek of Sweden has now developed a new knife sharpener, especially designed to meet the professional’s demand for sharpness and user friendliness. You get sharp knives when you need it!

With Tormek T-2, you get a professional grinding. The concept is a development of the diamond stone, which in combination with an innovation guidance system (patented) enables you to have full control of the sharpening.

  • Quick and easy set up.
  • Professional sharpening.
  • Always a constant angle.
  • Diamond Wheel – for highest sharpness.
  • Composite Wheel – for polishing.
  • Full control of knives.
  • Speedy sharpening, one minute is enough!
  • Silent running.
  • Safe for kitchens!
  • 7 year warranty!
  • Made in Sweden.

No sharpening experience is required, it is built so everyone can learn to sharpen quickly. Thanks to the high accuracy of the T-2, no unnecessary steel is removed, which means your knives will last longer.

T-2 Chef Reviews:

“Gives a better result than if you send your knives away for sharpening – but most importantly, sharp knives all the time!”  –  Hakan Matseus, chef, AG Stockholm

“A sharp knife is essential in any kitchen. The Tormek T-2 is so easy to use it will help anyone get a razor-sharp edge in seconds. I would recommend it to professional chefs and devoted home cooks alike.” – Robin Holmgren, head chef Fifteen London     


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