Finding a new wholesale supplier for your foodservice venue is a time consuming task and one that is easily put off.

Here are five easy ways to narrow your search and quickly find a new wholesale supplier that is right for your foodservice venue:

#1 Find a wholesale ordering platform

First off, consider using a wholesale ordering platform such as Foodbombto give you access to a wide range of suppliers across a number of product categories. With over 100 local suppliers, you’ll be able to find suppliers that deliver to you within a few short minutes.

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#2 Product range: it’s all about the fit

Once you’ve got a shortlist of suppliers make sure you review the wholesaler’s complete product range and how it fits with your venue’s menu.

  • Can you purchase multiple product categories from the single supplier?
  • Do you need a specialist wholesaler for valuable menu items?
  • Do they have substitute products that you could use in times of demand shortages?

#3 Make sure the price is right!

Pricing is always something to consider, however do keep in mind that whilst a price might be advertised you may be able to negotiate custom pricing if you’re ordering in:

  • Larger quantities – Greater volumes are the easiest way to get better pricing. If you’re buying large quantities of a specific product, speak to your supplier rep or if you’re with Foodbomb – your Growth Manager will be able to help you organise competitive custom pricing from all your suppliers.
  • Less frequently – This may seem counterintuitive however if you’re able to order larger quantities less frequently then your wholesale food supplier may be able to offer more competitive pricing given the reduced delivery costs.

Custom pricing is also super convenient with the support of Foodbomb’s Growth Managers. Simply let them know what you order, quantities, pricing and they’ll work their magic! Sign up for a free Foodbomb account today >>

#4 Playing by the supplier’s rules

Make sure you check out your selected wholesaler’s minimum order amount and cutoff times. Whilst this might seem a bit trivial, it’s important that you’re able to meet the supplier’s order requirements and know that it’s suitable for your venue’s ordering habits.

#5 It’s the service that counts

The importance of a wholesale food supplier’s delivery days and time depends on your individual situation. If storage and or freshness is a major issue for your foodservice venue, then ensure that deliveries to your area are available as frequently as you need it.

Find a new supplier today

So, if you’re on the hunt for a new supplier then stop procrastinating and open a free account with Foodbomb today! In addition to giving you 10% off all your orders for your first 21 days, the team will also do a free audit of your current food costs, consolidate your ordering onto one platform and sort out custom volume pricing!