Until now items such as vinegars and oils have been sold in traditional metal tins or jerry cans.

In response to customer demand for more portion control and less landfill Sandhurst have answered the challenge by developing both Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar in a handy bag-in-box format.

The idea came about after the successful launch of Sandhurst Cooking Wines in 15lt casks that are being used extensively in all sectors of foodservice.

Kevin Wise from Sandhurst QLD first came across the idea whilst visiting factories in Italy where the product originates

“The idea is that there is less chance of contamination and less risk of spillage. The tap ‘doses’ perfectly and there is no spill in either the Balsamic Vinegar or Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Foodservice Customers will save money and time using these innovative packaging ideas” He said.

The 5 litre Balsamic Vinegar is a genuine product of Modena and displays the proper Blue Seal of Authenticity to show that it is a registered product from the region of Modena so it is made in line with the methods approved by the consortium in Modena Italy.

The 10lt Extra Virgin Olive Oil is packed in Italy and conforms to the international standard for Olive Oils and contains 100% Extra Virgin from European producers with an acceptable acidity level under 0.8%. This ensure that the product is unadulterated and is free from chemically extracted oils such as pomace and vegetable oils.

The added advantage of the bag in box range is the collapsible cask that can be recycled and the foil inner that contributes less to landfill than tins and single use plastic jerrycans.

Sandhurst has been innovating in Foodservice since 1988 when they brought to market items that are mainstream now such as Pitted Kalamata Olives, Semi Dried Tomatoes and Marinated Artichokes.

Mimmo Lubrano CEO of Sandhurst has stated:

“Foodservice has had it’s toughest year on record. We’ve battled drought, bushfires and Covid19. We think that foodservice operators are looking for solutions given the ongoing shortage of labour and the rising costs of all ingredients. Foodservice professionals are looking for items that will save them money or make them money.”

The new Sandhurst bag-in-box range does just that – economically and environmentally.

Enquire at sandhurstfinefoods.com.au for more details or call 1 800 500 362 for more details.