If you serve wines by the glass, you know it’s always been a challenge to ensure opened bottles of wine are still fresh before serving to customers.

The challenge is even greater now with all the restrictions due to COVID, as you likely still have to offer the same selection to wines by the glass, but now with less patrons ordering.

Your opened wines need to last even longer than ever before.

The traditional practice of throwing leftover bottles in the fridge may buy you a day or two, and those old-school “vacuum” pumps have proven to be more for show (some say even harmful to the wine).

There are no shortage of options in the wine preservation space, with offerings ranging from chemical-based products that attempt to deoxidise wine (questionable and a little scary), impressive industrial-sized self-serving machines (expensive and not very personal), or a plethora of nifty gadgets (complicated to use and not very scalable).

One solution that has proven effective, safe, simple, and affordable, is Winesave. 

The world’s first handheld wine preserver made with 100 per cent high-quality, food-grade argon gas. Simply insert the tube into the bottle after pouring or at the end of your shift, and depress the nozzle for one second.

The argon gas is completely inert and is heavier than air, so it sinks to form a natural barrier above the surface of the wine, preventing the air in the bottle from reacting with the wine, reducing oxidation.

No machines to maintain, no pumping required, and no needles needed. Just serve, spray, save!

Winesave was invented right here in Australia over a decade ago but has been experiencing a resurgence after taking on new management a few years ago.

“It’s truly an honour to have thousands of wineries, restaurants, and bars around the world trust Winesave to keep their opened bottles of wine fresh for longer,” says Winesave Managing Director Matthew Fisher.

“More than 10 million bottles of wine have been saved worldwide because of Winesave.”

Winesave has been independently endorsed by some of the world’s leading wine experts including Jancis Robinson (UK), Philippe Guigal (France), and Sam Kim (NZ).

The product has also featured in numerous leading publications, including GT Wine Magazine, James Haliday’s Wine Companion and Selector Magazine.

Winesave offers wholesale discounts, invites new resellers and welcomes creative partnerships.

For more information, visit winesave.com, email service@winesave.com or call 03 9028 2763

Want to give it a go?

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