Quality should never have to be comprised, and plant-based alternatives are no exception. At Lauds Plant Based Foods we believe that plant-based alternatives should amplify a meal and not lessen the taste or quality.

At Lauds we don’t skip on taste or quality. We want plant-based cheese alternatives to be delicious and nutritious. We use whole cashews and oats in our products to ensure that we are including all the nutrients we can. We even follow traditional cheese practices to create delicious plant-based products.  It’s the closest thing you can get to without it being dairy cheese.

From a useability point of view, there is no real fancy way of cutting, using, or presenting Lauds cheese. Simply put, use Lauds as you would ‘normal’ cheese and let the product work its magic. If anything, our plant-based alternatives have a wider useability than traditional cheese, so you can experiment and adapt.

Nevertheless, either way you end with a delicious plant-based product that will impress vegans, dairy intolerants, flexitarians or curious minds. So often taste and quality are compromised from using dairy alternatives, but not with Lauds. Our customers love Lauds products, and we know you will too.

The versatile Original Oat Melt can achieve a fantastic end product – think cheesy lasagne, gooey toasted sandwiches, delicious pizzas, savoury pastries, or gozleme-style toasted wraps. You could grate it and serve it atop bolognese and other pasta dishes. Even stir it through creamy polenta or risotto to give a mild cheese taste and creamy mouthfeel.

Lauds was formed from a love of animals, food, and sustainability with a drive to feed kindness. Founders Dani and Simon made a natural progression in their own journey from vegetarian to vegan slowly with love and self-compassion. Not surprisingly, their guilty pleasure of cheese was the last thing to go. With no acceptably guilty and tasty alternatives, Simon and Dani aligned their values and passions to develop the Lauds range.

Keen to try Lauds for yourself, to experiment on your menu and see just how delicious a plant-based product can be? Contact us for a free sample!