From cafes to pubs, clubs and even upmarket restaurants, there’s no denying the popularity of Italian style cuisine on Aussie menus.

Meals including pizza and pasta are relatively simple to prepare and generate a good profit margin – and they’ve long been a firm favourite with consumers.

Mozzarella is a key component in pizza, parmigiana, pasta bakes and many other Italian-style dishes and often plays an important role in presentation as well as taste.

For this reason, it’s important to choose a mozzarella which provides consistent coverage when melted and which blisters and browns attractively, without excessive burning.

Available in both Traditional and Ultra varieties, Perfect Italiano Mozzarella is an excellent melting cheese with long stretch and mild taste, blistering evenly to an appealing golden brown colour.

And for those businesses requiring a mozzarella that will perform consistently at higher heat levels, Perfect Italiano Ultra Mozzarella can handle the heat of the hottest ovens in busy foodservice kitchens, delivering great taste and stretch to match.

Both Perfect Italiano Traditional Mozzarella and Perfect Italiano Ultra Mozzarella are available in Block and Shredded formats to suit your needs.

Whichever you choose, you’ll find their superior melt provides excellent coverage – meaning you can use less cheese to achieve the same result, equating to lower cost per serve.

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