When it comes to cream, all pastry chefs want one thing: great hold for perfect presentation. Business operators are after another: great yield for good margins.

Bulla’s suite of premium foodservice products offer both. The respected brand’s Imitation Cream range includes two 5L products — “Imitation 5L Cream” and “Sweetened Imitation 5L Cream” — that will help pastry chefs achieve their desired results across a number of applications.

A vegetable fat-based cream, which is ideal for whipping, Bulla Imitation Cream blends seamlessly with colours, flavours and fruits. When whipped, the imitation cream produces lush, bright white peaks. With 30 percent less fat than dairy, it will appeal to health conscious customers, and has twice the yield of fresh cream.

Also a vegetable fat-based, the Bulla Sweetened Imitation Cream is pre-sweetened for applications that need a little more sugar. With 38 percent less fat than dairy cream, it also combines excellent over-run, holds qualities long term when refrigerated and won’t crack or bleed — perfect for desserts that need to be prepped in advanced or are set to be held in patisserie cases throughout the day.

While neither product is suitable for heating, freezing or thawing, they will help pastry chefs add flair to their patisserie range for less without compromising on flavour or texture. Whether piped or whipped to fill cakes, patisseries and donuts or served with mousses and fruit salads, Bulla

Imitation Cream will add nothing but value to commercial kitchens.

For more information about the benefits of Bulla’s Imitation Creams head to www.bullafoodservice.com.au