Running a restaurant is stressful at the best of times, and it’s no secret the hospitality industry is facing a staffing crisis. The Eating Out In Australia report found 18 per cent of operators complained about finding workers with the right skill set and identified poor work ethic as the most significant staff challenge.

ORDR can help venues streamline the ordering process and ensure their operation runs smoothly. The mobile ordering system allows customers to order direct from a tablet at their table, streamlining the ordering process while still offering the luxury of table service. Once an order has been accepted, payment is automatically made and a docket is printed to set locations, i.e. food orders will go to the kitchen and drink orders will go to the bar.

The system allows customers to place orders at their own pace and removes the need to rely on staff members who may struggle when faced with a busy restaurant. The mobile device also offers a buzzer function to alert customers when their order is ready to pick up from the counter, should a venue wish to utilise the feature.

ORDR offers a number of benefits to venues including cashless payments, removing the risk of incorrect orders, faster service for customers and workers, live menu changes and exposure to ORDR’s growing user base and unique up-selling technology.

ORDR is a new kind of waiter — visit to try it for free.