Leading Australian food commerce platform Order Up is excited to announce its newly launched collaboration with DoorDash Drive—DoorDash’s white-label fulfillment platform that powers direct delivery for any business.

The integration, which was piloted 4 weeks ago, has been a game changer for restaurants which can now offer delivery in addition to dine in and pick up all through their own pre-existing platform, and is now planned for a nationwide roll out.

The delivery component is fulfilled by DoorDash delivery drivers, called Dashers, who provide the workforce behind the DoorDash service.

Order Up customers receive their orders via the Order Up platform which simultaneously triggers a notification to the DoorDash platform.

The Dasher then collects the order from the restaurant and delivers it to its final destination. John Saadie of Order Up says: “Our clients are reaping the benefits of a larger customer base by adding the option of delivery.”

With the hybrid offering opening more doors for savvy restaurants who want to capitalise on providing a delivery component.

DoorDash Drive continues to revolutionise the industry by charging a moderate fee for their on-demand deliveries powered by Order Up. The addition of the service means businesses can offer online, dine in technology, pickup and delivery through their own system, and tap into DoorDash to fulfill the last mile of delivery.

“Many of the restaurateurs are seeing the benefits of the moderate fee format,” says Saadie.

Ziggy’s Eatery in Melbourne and its team believe the timing was perfect. “DoorDash Drive continues to open up to more suburbs in our neighbourhood and our customers can’t thank us enough for offering them the option of delivery, especially when Melbourne was at the height of its lockdown,” says a spokesperson.

Chase Gardner, head of Australian enterprise partnership of DoorDash says: “Now more than ever, it’s imperative that restaurants come online to reach customers wherever they are with a store-to-doorstep offering.

“After launching DoorDash Drive in Australia earlier this year, we’ve been thrilled with the interest and adoption to date by local businesses looking to reach customers on-demand through their own channels.

“By implementing DoorDash Drive with Order Up, it provides restaurants with a turnkey delivery service. DoorDash Drive reduces the need for a continuing overhead associated with hiring drivers by letting us manage the delivery component for them.”

Restaurants are seeing the benefits of working with their pre-existing platform where they retain their current client data and are still servicing their own clients with the added advantage of procuring drivers for a very reasonable price.

Order Up national customer Roll’d have completed over 12,000 successful deliveries via Order Up, powered by DoorDash Drive and can’t speak highly enough of the integration.

Ray Esquieres, co-founder of Roll’d: “Having this resource available without ongoing overheads has positively impacted our business, nationwide.”

In such a competitive industry which runs on low margin, Saadie knows the offering is a game changer: “This allows restaurants access to that last piece of the service puzzle whilst still owning their own customer.”

The concept is not only allowing traditional dine in/take away restaurants to capitalise on the trend of delivery but pivot in a time where the option to eat in has been limited. “It is a great hybrid which gives our customers the best of both worlds,” said Saadie.