As customers become increasingly aware of the environmental costs of bottled sparkling water, hospitality operators are looking for high-quality alternatives that will still satisfy the imported mineral water set.

Vestal Water’s on-tap dispensing system delivers pure tasting, delicious sparkling water, right from the tap, without the environmental impacts that come with imported sparkling water.

Vestal Water connects to the existing mains water supply, then quietly and effectively filters the water, removing sediment, odours and contaminants. The water is then chilled, carbonated, and served directly from the tap. Freshly carbonated, clear and crisp sparkling water – no single-use bottles required.

Vestal Water radically improves a venue’s environmental footprint by removing the need to order, store, and refrigerate bottled water. Freshly filtered, premium water on-tap eliminates the carbon footprint from importing and transporting, and can drastically reduce refrigeration costs and associated emissions from chilling and storing bottled water.

Plus, in venue, there are no longer any empty bottles and associated packaging waste to be stored for recycling collection, creating more space for higher value items and reducing waste disposal and environmental costs of single use bottles.

Vestal Water also provides premium quality, flint glass reusable bottles for customers to use at the table. These can be easily quickly and easily refilled with pure-tasting, freshly filtered sparkling water, straight from the Vestal Water tap. This also ensures your premium sparkling is never sitting around in plastic bottles, absorbing unwanted flavours and aromas.

What’s more, these superior, durable bottles can be customised with your logo, providing a unique and exclusive branding opportunity that looks elegant on the table.

As the war on waste ramps up and more and more people are making conscious efforts to improve their environment impact, Vestal Water is helping businesses and customers alike to make better decisions for the environment, without compromising on quality and taste.

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