A new countertop screen has been launched in Australia to improve the health safety of workers across a range of industries including hospitality and essential retail.

The new Countertop Screen by Portable Partitions Australia, in partnership with Versare in the USA, is a clear acrylic partition that forms a shield to help prevent the direct physical and airborne spread of germs.

“We have been devastated to see the impact of COVID-19 on hospitality, an industry  built by people who put their blood, sweat and tears into their businesses,” says Cameron Storey, Portable Partitions Australia.

“We want to help keep the hospitality industry alive as social distancing becomes part of life for the foreseeable future. It was clear from our customers that this was a genuine need and we worked hard to respond rapidly.”

The screen is designed to provide comfort and relief for both hospitality workers and customers in this dramatically changing hospitality environment.

A gap in the partition enables the safe transfer of takeaway items or payments when the activity can’t be done on the vendor or customer side of the screen alone. It allows for face-to-face interaction while still maintaining separation of personal space.

“The partition is ideal for transforming hospitality outlets to safely and effectively provide takeaway meals or beverages only,” continued Cameron.

“We have already seen great take up of the product by coffee shops, cafes, bottle shops and eateries that are committed to remaining open during this critical time. We are also working with customers who are preparing to re-open, hopefully in the not too distant future.

“Outlets seem to like how quickly and easily they can install the product to their existing premises. We have purposefully made the Countertop Screens to easily fit a variety of environments. It is sturdy, portable and simple to store away.”

According to customers who have tested the Countertop Screen, the product provides a sense of security for both themselves and their customers.

One product tester said, “I feel better behind this screen. The customer can hear me just fine and I can easily transfer items and sort payment.”

Another noted: “This allows the customer to feel safer, too, knowing that they can get their takeaway food and not worry about me transferring any germs.”

The Countertop Screen comes in a three panel or single panel format, with an opening to pass items back and forth.

It is made of a solid aluminium frame and clear acrylic perspex with multiple fixing points and an articulating hinge to allow for different sized benchtops.

For size, features and pricing, visit ​www.portablepartitions.com.au​ or call ​1300 731 397​.