It’s no secret that online ordering is becoming more important than ever for hospitality businesses. Not only is this growth of the virtual beneficial for the customer, who can choose to order on their terms through a channel of their choice. It is also great for businesses, who now have more ways than ever to reach different audiences.

The simple fact is: the average order value is greater online.

Although digital services are great on both sides of the ordering equation, not all channels are equal. It can be difficult as a business to maintain a brand amongst the cacaphony of online services, and to keep on top of the various orders coming in through different streams.

Deliverit helps hospitality businesses solve these issues with a streamlined multi-channel ordering system that can help you grow your sales, on your own terms.

With Deliverit, customers are able to order through a channel of their choice. This increases the opportunity for your business to acquire new customers. Meanwhile, your brand presence grows online.

Deliverit’s multi-channel service comes with many options for hospitality businesses:

1. Your own bespoke branded website with delivery and pick-up options. This online storefront is a way to bring people in, without relying on a third party.

2. A branded mobile app, which further enhances your virtual brand and allows customers to order anywhere, anytime, directly from you.

3. Google Food Ordering. A simple digital menu that is available directly from your Google My Business listing, with pick-up and delivery options for customers.

4. Order and pay at table. This allows customers the option of a frictionless, contact-free experience in-store, where they can order and pay on their own terms.

5. Local Serves. Deliverit’s own online food directory, where customers can view and choose from a range of different stores in their local area.

Each channel also comes segmented reporting, which allows you to do targeted marketing campaigns for each of your stores.

All of these tools and information are housed within one clever, easy to use and customisable system.

Understanding your customers is important and predictability is key. For example, knowing that a customer likes to dine in every week allows you to send tailored weekly offers.

On the other hand, knowing that your customers regularly order through your app means they are highly engaged and enjoy the full-service offering, with features such as order status updates that let them know when their order is on the way.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to online ordering. But with Deliverit’s multi-channel ordering service, you give your customers the option to choose from a variety of different ordering options, and thereby increase their chances of finding your business online.

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