• A rare occasion of luxury spirit icons, Kweichow Moutai and Hennessy Cognac, collaborating for an exclusive event
  • Savouring, learning and fine dining with both spirits pairing
  • A splendid feast of spirits, arts, cultures & sensations from both east and west

An once-in-a-lifetime luxury spirit appreciation event has been held in the Mint, the landmark historical heritage place in Sydney, hosted for the first time by luxury spirit brand Kweichow Moutai from China, featuring Hennessy Cognac.  The event is under the theme of ‘East encounters West’, which carries a very special implication. Each brand a synonym of class & luxury and representing prestigious and glorious heritages, meanwhile, Kweichow Moutai with a historical root from oriental now prevails in western world, and Hennessy the world’s leading Cognac which has been enjoyed in Asia for a long time.

Immersed in the full-view scenery projected by surrounding LED walls, actors and brand ambassadors, with their artistic performance and informative dialogues, elaborated the rich history and winemaking features of both. The threading French Chansons and Pekin opera, gradually fermented the whole experience into a surreal ‘cocktail’ of cultures, romance and aromas.

With Moutai Flying Fairy & Hennessy X.O. and customised exquisite menu , guests were introduced to the drinking cultures behind, and demonstrated the distinctive details to properly appreciating each. Executive chef also came among the guests and introduced the fusion dishes he designed specifically for this event to pair perfectly with each spirit.

The highlight of the event are two rare qualities — the 30 Years Old Vintage from Kweichow Moutai and Paradis Imperial from Hennessy, both are with very limited stock and truly collector items for connoisseurs, spirit experts and enthusiasts. For Moutai 30 Years Old, it is the first time such a precious quality being poured in event in Australia. The richness, roundness and signature soy sauce aroma enjoyed round applause during the night. Surprisingly smooth, such old vintage delivers a very refined elegance that seldomly found in the Baijiu category.

During the event, the VIP guests also had the rare chance to sample Ao Yun 2014 Vintage, from LVMH’s winery located in Shangri La, over 2000 meters above sea, and the award winning Handpicked numbered series #2.

A classic transcultural songs, Jasmine Flowers from Puccini’s Turandot dueted by French & Chinese artists, concluded the appreciation event. However, the lingering gustatory, olfactory & auditory sensations kept the guests from leaving for a long while.

As the luxury wine and spirits category continues to grow, such events hosted by longstanding champions such as Kweichow Moutai with protected designation of origin(PDO), meaning that only spirit produced in its designated region could be labelled as such, will surely excite the customers and further nourish the market.