The team at  Harvest Gourmet® aim to make adding plant-based to the menu simple without any compromise on taste. That’s why Nestlé has developed plant-based meat alternatives to help you cook tasty meals for all your diners that are meat-free.

The name Harvest Gourmet® alludes to the freshness of farm-grown plants and the international culinary standard word for taste. The name might be new, but the roots of Harvest Gourmet® go back some 30 years.

Our food expertise and meat-free mission started in Israel, where, inspired by Middle Eastern cookery, we embraced the regional Levantine cuisine to create our first meat-free foods.

As a result of the growing Flexitarian trend, and the call for a transition from animal to plant based protein, the demand for meat alternatives is growing every day.

In Australia, Nestlé offers Harvest Gourmet® to households through Woolworths and to Foodservice through Nestlé Professional’s major distributors. In Foodservice we currently have available the Harvest Gourmet® Plant-Based Burger with many other products being developed in our Global R&D.

The burger allows chefs to offer a sensational burger experience that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture. Made with plant-based protein, it cooks with the sizzle you’d expect from a delicious burger and is easily prepared from frozen.

As a plant-based alternative to meat, this vegan burger is high in protein from soy and wheat and is a source of dietary fibre. It is perfect for catering to flexitarian diners looking to reduce their meat intake. Many offer it as a plant-based patty substitute but can also be made into a fully vegan option; it caters to all and tastes sensational.

Our ambition is to revolutionise the plant-based category by bringing excitement to the world of meat-free food, with no compromise on taste! We want to make exploring this new Flexitarian lifestyle worthwhile. So join us on our journey, and discover the goodness of plants and power of protein.

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