Andrea Gualdi is one-third of the team behind globally acclaimed Sydney bar Maybe Sammy. The venue is known for its Las Vegas-esque theme and commitment to creating classic cocktails with a modern twist.

Gualdi says one of his top cocktails to enjoy is a spritz. The bartender has created an alcohol-free version using Lyre’s Italian Spritz, which heroes the sweetness of orange with the astringency of rhubarb, along with Lyre’s Dry London spirit, which features juniper and citrus notes. “The combination of the rhubarb and the juniper helps bring out the essence of the spritz,” says Gualdi.

To create the It’s Got to Be Me cocktail, Gualdi combines the Italian Spritz and London Dry with home-made peach syrup and earl grey kombucha before pouring into a bottle. The mixture is carbonated before being poured into an ice-filled glass and garnished with a banana leaf cut out.

Gualdi says the spritz is a universal cocktail that’s equally popular among the Maybe Sammy team and its customers. “As a modern cocktail bar, people relate to classics because they know what they like and they want something similar without drinking alcohol.”