Maybe Mae bar is “Adelaide’s worst-kept secret”, says Bar Manager Nick Corletto. A push of a wood-panelled door in Bread & Bone restaurant reveals the basement bar which is known for its produce-driven cocktail menu.

The venue showcases local ingredients in a “drinks context” that revolves around seasonality. “[We want to provide] an exceptional experience for not just people who choose to drink alcohol, but also [those] who want to opt out of drinking,” says Corletto. “We want people to share the experience.”

The Dark Horse is an example of the bar’s commitment to a holistic drinking experience and features Lyre’s Italian Orange. The non-alcoholic spirit is combined with verjuice that has been steeped with imperial mandarin skins and blood plums. The aforementioned ingredients are poured into a tall glass with ice before being finished off with Indian black tea and a garnish of citrus.

“The produce really shines and the ingredients [being] captured at the peak of the season allow all the fruit flavours [to come] through while combining with the Italian Orange’s flavour profile,” says Corletto.