Redcat has launched the Virtual Brands software solution, which helps virtual restaurant brand owners drive efficiency, centralise delivery partners and improve ROI including consolidating your virtual brand operation with any existing physical brand(s).  

What are virtual brands?

Virtual brands are a growth phenomenon of the hospitality industry. They are restaurants that exist only online, with food delivered directly to consumer. Virtual brands proliferated rapidly during the COVID lockdown and are now here to stay. They prepare food in the kitchens of existing venues, or in purpose-built ‘dark kitchens’.

“Virtual brands offer operators rapid and relatively low-cost market entry with new cuisines and the opportunity to spread costs across multiple brands,” says Lawrence Pelletier, Redcat’s director of sales and marketing. “As for customers, they get a wider choice of foods and restaurants without leaving home.”

Virtual brands rely on efficiency, integration, consolidation and customer service. The Redcat platform enables venues to manage their menus, delivery, loyalty, kitchens and reporting.

Redcat’s Virtual Brands offers restaurant brand operators:

  • Centralised integration of delivery partners — Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Menulog, DoorDash, Google and white label delivery services into a single portal
  • A single portal for managing multiple virtual (and physical) brands
  • Centralised menu management
  • Efficient kitchen management — integrating all orders directly into a single kitchen management system
  • Productivity — no delivery partner tablets, no rekeying of orders
  • Flexible reporting — sales and inventory reporting across brands or by individual brands
  • Customer service — full loyalty program with online orders
  • Ease of management — single ordering app for Android and iOS across all brands

“Redcat Virtual Brands is an exciting innovation for our customers, more and more of whom see the value and opportunity that virtual brands offer their business,” says Pelletier.

About Redcat

Redcat is a specialist IT platform provider to the hospitality industry. Its suite of software application options and smartphone apps integrate with each other to offer a complete hospitality IT platform.