The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought about many changes. Among the most notable is an increased focus on safety, which is now the number one priority for all operators. 

Long defined by its fun-loving nature, the hospitality industry now has a serious side. With restaurants, cafes and other venues beginning to reopen, safety will be much more than a box ticking exercise. Compliance could be the difference between another outbreak and the continued relaxation of restrictions. 

Not only will managers need to implement the best procedures; they’ll need to create a culture of safety. According to a recent study from SafetyCulture, 31 percent of Australians still don’t feel comfortable eating in a restaurant; operators must be able to assure both their employees and customers that their venue is a safe space to work and relax. 

In fact, safety has become a key differentiator, value proposition and even brand identity. 

While the increased safety measures that must be put in place can present a challenge, it’s important they’re adopted by the operators. Successful implementation is crucial to get the industry up and running for the long-term. To achieve this many businesses are turning to technology to help guide them focus on health and safety in the workplace.

SafetyCulture is helping hospitality get safely back to business with a simple digital checklist and inspection app that anyone can use.

The company, which provides digital tool kits to help businesses ensure safety procedures are followed, has an international team of over 350 people who have been working with WHO guidelines and governments around the world to develop these checklists. As a result, SafetyCulture has seen a huge rise in usage, with over 75,000 daily users completing COVID-19 specific checks. SafetyCulture’s application performs over 600M checks per year for organisations in 80 countries to help ensure quality assurance and mitigate safety risks. 

Among SafetyCulture’s current clients from the foodservice and accommodation sector are Accor, Sofitel and Waldorf Astoria. It’s core offering is centred around its iAuditor platform, which helps manage workplace quality control and safety. 

Visit SafetyCulture’s COVID Response Resources for all you need to get safely back to business, from the physical requirements to reopen to the new checks and procedures required on an ongoing basis. 

You can also download SafetyCulture’s hospitality e-book. This comprehensive report dives deep into trends and insights in the hospitality industry as COVID-19 unfolds around the world. Use it as your playbook to get safely back to business. Inside you’ll find free checklists to help you get safely back to business, like:

  • Cafe and restaurant reopening checklists
  • Daily food safety & hygiene checklists
  • Risk assessment templates
  • Cleaning schedule templates

Who this report is for:

  • Hospitality business owners
  • Senior business leaders 
  • Operations managers