For years, the hospitality industry in Australia has been plagued with high competition and small margins, with some owners working more hours with not a lot of money left for themselves at the end of the week.

It has been an industry where we’ve seen such a large separation from the players who are doing extremely well to the ones who are struggling, these owners often telling themselves it will be ok.

COVID-19 has forced so many venues to “pivot”.

The arrival of JobKeeper allowed many venues to stop and reassess what has been happening over the years.

For some venue owners, it has shown them how much more profitable their business can be; how they could have been doing business differently and how things could have been different before if they considered an alternate model to the norm.

Venues have being forced to shut down over the past months, turn to takeaway and delivery models and then reopen with scaled-back service standards.

We’ve noticed a significant increase in profits from our members who have gained back control of their operations.

They have scaled back opening hours and seating capacity, noticed who’s dining in and how they’re dining in and what these people are spending. It’s made them reassess their menus and forced them to move quicker than what they ever have before.

Right now, the opportunity in the industry is great, even though for some it doesn’t feel that way.

However, if the industry stands together, the other side of COVID-19 could see the turnaround everyone has been hoping for.

If you are a venue owner, the best thing you can do is make sure you use this time to drive lasting change.

Our members are now locking in these changes for the long term and are focusing on three key areas: people, profit, promotion.

At Foodie Coaches, we tie these areas together with structure, support and strategies to help venue owners make more money while working less hours.

Without a commitment to your own growth and knowledge, nothing happens.

If you want to take a step in the right direction, here are three points to consider:

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