In today’s ultra-competitive foodservice marketplace, it’s essential to choose the right cheese for the job.

That’s why Anchor™ Food Professionals offers a range of cheese slices under its long-established Mainland brand, which Australia’s foodservice professionals have come to know and trust as delivering distinctly flavoursome, superior quality products.

Your choice of cheese should deliver enticing presentation and great taste, always complementing but never overwhelming the flavour of the other ingredients. All cheeses in the Mainland Slices range boast these attributes, and they also have the added benefit of coming pre-sliced to save on preparation time and minimise waste.

The range includes:

Mainland Tasty Slices which offer the distinctive taste of premium, full-flavoured cheddar, making them ideally suitable for sandwiches and wraps.

Mainland Egmont Slices are a premium natural cheese slice exclusive to Mainland with a uniquely sweet nutty flavour, smooth texture, great melting properties and less oiling off than Tasty cheese. Great for toasties, their appealing presentation is complemented by their terrific taste.

Mainland Swiss Cheese Slices with their slightly nutty undertone and rectangular, slightly larger than usual size which makes them a stand-out hero ingredient, the perfect choice for burgers, focaccia and maxibuns.

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