We’ve been helping restaurants and bars run the coffee side of their business better for over 10 years here in Australia.

At Lucaffe we’re coffee snobs, we understand what good coffee tastes like and know how hard it can be with a lot of staff and a busy venue to manage coffee.

Our Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) system could be the answer you have been looking for!

If coffee is a compliment to your core business, then our ESE coffee pods and commercial ESE coffee pod machines make perfect sense. Once you eliminate the “Tap Tap Bang Bang” of a traditional machine for venues like restaurants, the coffee service becomes simple. Perfect and delicious Italian espresso coffee delivered in a fast, clean and simple to use system means every team member can deliver GREAT coffee, quickly and consistently.

There are a number of advantages to this system within your venue. The elimination of a grinder frees up bench space and dramatically reduces mess. The coffee is pre-dosed in 7gr portions which means tracking stock is simple. Training is minimal which means you don’t need a barista to “dial-in” the grinder and machine every day.

All our coffee and coffee machines are from Italy, the original home of espresso coffee. In Italy, Lucaffe is the king of ESE coffee and has been producing 9 different blends and single origin ESE coffee pods for around 25years. The Lucaffe ESE coffee pod system means you can offer our single-origin Colombia espresso straight after our Classic Italian blend then make one of our delicious Decafs followed by our hazelnut aromatised Arabica without any hassle. Add them to your menu and value add your coffee.

Our ESE coffee pods will go straight into your compost once the coffee has been extracted. We have been composting all the pods used by our takeaway coffee business, as well as from a number of our largest customers, since 2015. The community farm that we deliver to is supplementing their compost with our coffee pods and they love it!

The Lucaffe system is clean to use which means minimal contact with the product and a safe product for your customers. The machines are very easy to clean and maintain as most of the nasties that clog a machine are held within the food-grade permeable paper that each ESE pod is encased in.

In a nutshell, Lucaffe ESE coffee pods are simple, fast, fun and clean to use. They increase productivity, reduce cleaning and frees up bench space. Your team will love using them which means a better value add to each bill with coffee.  Give us a call to see how we can benefit your business.