While Marcelino Elamparo Papio Jr is now heading up the kitchen up at Stanton & Co. in Sydney’s Rosebery, the chef spent years travelling around the globe and working in leading restaurants.

Before coming to Australia, Marcelino notched up a few years in Japan, forming the inspiration for his kingfish recipe. “I have spent many years training in Japanese cuisine in leading restaurants around the world, and it remains one of my favourite styles to cook,” he says. “This dish showcases fresh produce at its best. When you start with quality ingredients, you can keep things simple and let the produce shine through — there is a real art to this balance.”

The recipe showcases kingfish and offers two different sauce options: traditional and new. The traditional-style dressing combines soy sauce with TABASCO® Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce, creating an umami option with an enlivening kick, while the new-style features zesty notes thanks to the Yukari seasoning.

Follow the steps below to make the recipe.

1 sashimi-grade kingfish

Traditional-style dressing
100g finely sliced daikon
50ml soy sauce
10ml TABASCO® Jalapeno Sauce


New-style jalapeno dressing
100g sliced sashimi-grade kingfish
65ml soy sauce
65ml rice vinegar
12g TABASCO® Jalapeno Sauce
25g castor sugar
40ml grapeseed oil
2g Yukari seasoning
5g washed onion rings
1g micro watercress

1. Fillet the sashimi-grade kingfish or ask your supplier to clean and fillet the fish.
2. For classic sashimi, slice pieces approximately 1-inch thick until reaching 100g portions.
3. Select your sauce option: traditional or new. Mix ingredients of selected sauce together.
4. For the traditional style, plate fish on top of daikon and dress.
5. For the new style, plate fish, dress before garnishing with onion rings and watercress.


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