In any foodservice business, reliable refrigeration is a must. That’s why it pays to invest in high-quality refrigeration products.

Liebherr is the go-to brand for restaurants and foodservice venues looking for premium refrigeration that will stand the test of time.

The German-designed appliances are specially constructed for intensive professional use and are both economical and energy efficient, helping the planet and saving you money at the same time.

One of the key reasons why foodservice professionals choose Liebherr is its easy cleaning features that ensure optimum food hygiene. The appliances are equipped with moulded inner liners with large radii that are easy to clean with no hidden dirt traps. Adjustable wire shelves also enable individual adaptation to different packaging types or products.

Foodservice operators also benefit from low operating costs, thanks to Liebherr’s precision electronic controllers and optimised refrigeration system.

This is supported by highly effective insulation resulting in outstanding eco-friendliness, low power and operating costs. Liebherr also uses refrigerants R 290 and R 600a, which are both highly effective and energy efficient.

Liebherr’s hot gas defrost system means appliances defrost only when required, as the controller calculates the defrost cycles based on the compressor run time. This reduces the defrost to approximately 10 minutes with a low rise in temperature to ensure food items are not exposed to unnecessary temperature fluctuations.

The appliances are designed for easy servicing and some models are fitted with self-closing doors for convenience in a foodservice environment.

The dynamic cooling system allows for stable and evenly distributed interior temperatures, while the door-operated fan cut-out switch minimises the loss of cold air when the door is opened.

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