Ingham’s Chicken Potato Cake is a new twist on two familiar takeaway favourites — chicken and potato cakes (or potato scallops, depending on whereabouts in the country you hail from).

Featuring a pattie made from quality chicken breast that’s been coated in a crispy, potato flake batter, Ingham’s Potato Cakes are ideal as a takeaway treat for the growing ‘grab and go’ category.

“With research showing that young adults are swapping the traditional three meals a day for smaller, more frequent meals, snacking occasions are growing in popularity,” says Ingham’s Brand Manager for Foodservice Shazia Taseer.

“At the same time, consumers are on the lookout for new and unique taste experiences, and this is generating all manner of product ‘mash-ups’, which start out with a small cult following and then enter the mainstream of the market. Ingham’s Potato Cakes are a perfect fit for this emerging category.”

With their innovative combination of two favourite ingredients, Ingham’s Potato Cakes are set to be a surefire success across takeaways, chicken/fish and chip shops, pubs and clubs, and in the petrol and convenience market.

They can be served as is for a grab and go snack, plated up and served with fries or your choice of salad as a dine-in meal, or stacked — either as an add-on ingredient to your burgers, wraps and rolls or as the primary protein.

Free from added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and made from 100 per cent Aussie chicken, Ingham’s Potato Cakes can be deep fried from frozen in approximately 4.5 minutes.

These portion controlled treats come in 5kg cartons with approximately 21 serves per kg. Promotional greaseproof paper serving bags are available in each carton for a limited time only.

So try adding new Ingham’s Potato Cakes to your takeaway or dine-in menu today — and get your customers talking about this innovative offering!

For more information on the Ingham’s range, contact Shazia Taseer, Brand Manager — Foodservice at Ingham’s Enterprises Pty Limited. Email: