I&J Fish IN Chips are a snack-sized twist on traditional fish and chips and the recent winner of Fine Food’s Best New Foodservice Product.

If you are looking for something new on your menu, I&J’s latest foodservice market innovation is the perfect item. It’s a simple twist on fish Goujon and chips, wrapped in a crispy batter.

Take a natural hand-cut ASC-certified fish fillet, place it between two Edgell potato chips on the top and another two on the bottom, then hand dip it in an amazing batter, and you get I&J Fish IN Chips

Hand-assembled and portion controlled, the product is suitable for a range of menu applications. It can be served as a grab-and-go takeaway snack, as part of a meal deal with sauce and a lemon wedge, or within a bun as a contemporary twist on a chip buttie.

Because it’s easy to serve and hold, it’s also an ideal option for finger food and catering, as a single-serve item or as part of a buffet presentation and kids menus, a great bar snack, meal entrée or component within a modern share platter or seafood basket.

I&J Fish IN Chips come in 1kg bags of 20 x 50g IQF portions with 5 bags in a carton. Only use what you need, deep-fry or oven bake from frozen and it’s ready in minutes. With a great hold time of 20-30 minutes, they are perfect for busy trading hours.

“Fish IN Chips brings together the two great Aussie favourites of fish and chips in a contemporary presentation style that’s immediately appealing to customers,” says David White, executive chef at Simplot Australia (owner of the I&J brand).

“Simplot has built a strong reputation for both I&J fish and Edgell fries products so what could be more natural than to combine the two and create something that captures the attention of today’s consumer?”

White attributes Fish IN Chips’ win of Best New Foodservice Product to its innovative contemporary presentation, quality and versatility of application.

“You can serve it in so many ways – two portions for kids menus, three in a tray with a dipping sauce for takeaway, five or six for share platters. If you take it out of the fryer and toss through your own spice mix or rub, you can create your own distinctive flavour to suit your menu.”

Contact Simplot Foodservice or your local distributor for more information.