The world’s market leader in combi steamer technology, RATIONAL, has released a new product.

Featuring four intelligent assistants, the iCombi Pro provides flexibility and efficiency in the kitchen. Offering 50 per cent higher productivity, 10 per cent shorter cook time, and 10 per cent lower energy consumption than its predecessor, the iCombi Pro saves time, money and resources.

Commercial kitchens are facing a triple threat, with skills shortages, cost pressures and increasingly high customer expectations. The need for productivity, efficiency and flexibility has never been greater.

The iCookingSuite intelligent assistant in the iCombi Pro means chefs are guaranteed uniformity, even at full loads. Built around the much-desired

Maillard reaction, which RATIONAL has decrypted and translated into a software algorithm, the iCombi Pro’s cooking intelligence regulates the entire cooking path precisely. Sensors send data such as size, quantity and condition of the food from the cooking cabinet. The iCookingSuite then adjusts the cooking path, to ensure reproducible results even if conditions change.

The intelligent climate regulation assistant, iDensityControl, features additional fan wheels, optimised cooking cabinet geometry and higher dehumidification performance to enable up to 50 per cent bigger loads and shorter cooking times compared to the previous model. It ensures crusts, grill patterns and crispy coatings are guaranteed.

The iProductionManager allows the kitchen team to decide the sequence in which they wish to cook different foods. The user determines whether to cook using the time or energy optimising system or to a certain target end time. It also knows what products can be cooked together and will alert users when a particular product doesn’t suit the cooking cabinet climate.

Topping off the list of intelligent assistants, is the iCareSystem. The iCombi Pro cleaning system is environmentally and cost friendly, using phosphate free cleaner tabs and up to 50 per cent less cleaning tablets per clean. In addition, the unit is now enabled with an ultra fast interim clean that takes just 12 minutes.

WLAN is now integrated in the iCombi Pro, providing fast and simple connection to RATIONAL’s network solution, ConnectedCooking, which enables efficient management of cooking programs and food safety processes.

“Due to its intelligence, the iCombi Pro responds just like an experienced chef,” explains Rational Australia General Manager Mark Sweeting. “It takes on routine tasks and provides freedom. Even untrained staff can easily navigate the system, which uses visual language, logical work steps and clear, interactive instructions to guide users through the production sequence. The iCombi Pro will sustainably change working methods in large kitchens.”

If you would like to experience the iCombi Pro live, visit the website, email or call 1800 810 261.