We’re nearing the start of the silly season and, after two crazy years of ups and downs, some form of normality might be just mere weeks away. With a growing need to maximise tight profit margins, it’s becoming more and more important to roster smart and fast. 

But how do you create staff schedules that meet your budgets, whilst also taking into account your team’s skills, availability and compliance rules – without losing your mind in the process? 

Meet the supercharged rostering assistant that fits in your pocket

Automatically matching the right employees to your unassigned shifts, Microkeeper’s new AutoRoster feature will factor in your requirements (skills, availability, minimum hours and others) and suggest an optimal roster based on an even distribution, budget or staff experience levels. 

All this is done with a few simple clicks and underpinned with a compliance provision – ensuring your staff will receive the minimum required “rests between shifts” and don’t exceed a maximum amount of hours or overtime.

It’s an automated rostering tool that has been described by some of our early adopters as “rostering with your eyes closed” and “a digital rostering assistant that does all the hard work for you”.

AutoRoster is a rostering game changer for hospitality businesses, with the potential of saving multiple hours of work every week for rostering managers. 

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Shift Bidding: the fastest way to fill open shifts with interested staff

Hospitality rosters often have to be built around staff’s classes, assignments or other jobs. As a result, it’s not uncommon for rosters to go through multiple versions before everyone is happy. 

The solution? Rather than wasting time trying to decide which specific employee you’ll assign to a shift, Microkeeper’s Shift Bidding feature allows you to open up your shifts to a pool of eligible staff. Simply put: staff get the chance to express their interest in the shifts that are up for grabs. Taking the guesswork out of the equation. 

Based on employee responses you can then assign shifts “first in, best dressed” or let Microkeeper work it’s magic and suggest a roster based on an even distribution, budgets or experience levels.

It can also work as a tool to find last minute cover for a team member that can’t make their shift. Simply notify all eligible staff at once and they’ll immediately be able to put their hand up and indicate interest in Microkeeper if they’re able to cover the shift.

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The best all-in-one workforce software you might not yet know about

Microkeeper is not just another rostering software company.  It’s an all-in-one solution that can tackle it all:

+ HR – onboarding new hires, document storage, skills and leave management

+ Rostering – templates, budget control, Autoroster and shift bidding

+ Time tracking – multiple clocking options including true facial recognition 

+ Payroll – automated payroll calculations with tailored rules based on awards or EBA’s

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