In 2015 Netflix launched in Australia, with UberEats closely following it in early 2016, producing a new generation of customer – the ‘on demand consumer’.

These platforms revolutionised the way consumers now behave, shifting their preferences to enjoying the food from their favourite restaurant from the comfort of their living room over dining out.

While this may open up a world of possibilities for your business, it also brings a distinct shift in brand recognition, loyalty and control of your profits that may be driving your customers away from your business, your food experience and your brand.

Build your audience with your own online ordering platform

Research shows that in five years, half of all sales at quick-service chains will be placed digitally before the customer ever steps into the venue. As a result, many food and beverage operators jump to implement third party delivery services such as UberEats and Deliveroo in order to ‘keep their piece of the pie’.

These integrations are powering up these big players with data to create their own customer database for them to engage with your customers. In other words, your customers loyalty lies with these third party delivery services and not with your venue. Once you pay high commissions for these integrations, there is very little left for profit margin.

It is time to take control of your own online ordering system with marketing and operational benefits. By implementing an online ordering system that is branded for you, hosted on your own website, you can build your own customer base, engage with them and encourage repeat business.

Now this is a recipe for organic growth and profit.

@table ordering for the ‘on demand’ diners

Since mobile phones are the fundamental part of our lives along with the growing obsession of online ordering in Australia, we have become accustomed to ordering food digitally.

Based on our statistics, more than 50% of customers order through their phones in venues with @table ordering services resulting in an average of 25-30% uplift in total food and beverage sales.

@table ordering is the perfect solution to provide seamless and convenient experience to your customers, as well as influencing your diners to order more by incorporating high-quality photos in your digital menu.

Everyone wants to be taken on a journey and it is essential for you to understand how to create that extra special engagement and value to your customers, whether through online or @table ordering. This is not about replacing the human element of the overall experience, it is about enhancing it.

Is your venue ready to adapt and set up for success in the long run?

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