In today’s fast-paced world people feel the need to be connected. No matter where they are.

Foxtel not only connects people to the world’s best content experience it creates a professional impression that can make all the difference to your business. It also helps to build an atmosphere that encourages your staff and scores glowing recommendations from your customers. And in today’s marketplace screens are a big part of business.

Making the most of your screens
  1. Draw a crowd with great content.

People love being together with friends and family watching their favourite content. That’s why it makes great business sense to put Foxtel on your screens. Foxtel has the very best live televised sport from home and around the globe, including big annual music events like the MTV awards and political events like state and federal elections.

  1. Create promotions around content.

All of this great content can be paired with food, drink and event promotions. Why not get creative like giving a beer to everyone wearing their team shirt during a big game. These are always a great way to encourage new customers in and to keep them coming back.

  1. Keep your staff happy and engaged.

Staff rooms are a smart place to have TVs to help your staff relax in their downtime. They also keep employees in touch with the news of the day. And with Foxtel’s huge range of content there’s something for everyone.

  1. Using the right content.

If you’re running a busy café or restaurant then it makes sense to have the news channels on during the peak morning period so customers can stay in touch with what’s happening. When you match the right content with your type of business people will keep coming back.

  1. Kids

If your demographic includes families with young children, it makes sense to include child-friendly content. With the Foxtel Business Café and Restaurant package you have access to Nickelodeon, The Cartoon Network, and more. And when you put Foxtel Kids together with a children’s play area mum and dad can get a break too.

There are so many ways installing Foxtel can help you make a positive impression where and when it counts. No matter what business you’re in Foxtel is good for your business.

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