Running a restaurant isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago.  Technology is shaping customer expectations around service in all parts of their lives, and people are less willing to put up with unnecessary waiting to get the goods and services they want.

Fortunately, there are applications like Waitlist Me that help restaurants and other businesses raise the bar and deliver at a higher level of service that meets modern expectations.

Cut the clutter and stay organised

A frazzled host and a messy greeting area is a big red flag for guests who come to you for an enjoyable evening out.  Forget pens and paper planners. Waitlist Me nixes hostess stand clutter and makes adding and seating dining parties a cinch. Your front-of-house staff can see your restaurant’s queue in a single glance and add customers to it with a few taps.

Over-deliver on wait expectations

With Waitlist Me, even a rookie host can quote accurate wait times and set the right expectations. The app shows real-time waits next to quoted times to make it easy to improve wait estimates.  Using status colours and notes to organise and keep tabs on waiting customers helps staff get them seated more efficiently. You can’t always control the wait time, but you can upgrade the wait experience by serving customers on time.

Set your guests free

Kids aren’t the best at standing quietly in a restaurant lobby, and adults don’t want to be cooped up either. That’s why Waitlist Me let’s them relax and wander about if they like.  No more hovering around the front door; one text lets them know when their table is ready.  The text notification feature does away with diner worries about losing their place in queue. No muss, no fuss, no empty tables.

Give people visibility into their wait

The number one question your host doesn’t want to answer when it’s busy: Is my table ready yet? A close second: Where are we on the list?  Waitlist Me keeps customers in-the-know automatically with its popular public waitlist feature. Once they’re added to your queue, they’ll receive a text confirmation that includes a link to your public waitlist which they can check in their phone browser (no app download required). In real time, they’ll see exactly where they are in the queue along with their wait time.

Waitlist Me is committed to helping make waits everywhere less painful. Check them out at, on Twitter at @waitlistme or email