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It’s no secret the hospitality industry is in the midst of a skills shortage.

In Australia, employment in the hospitality sector is expected to jump by 12.1 per cent in the next five years, generating an additional 91,000 jobs, however the industry currently has a significant vacancy rate around the 28 per cent mark.

While the removal of the 457 visa and introduction of the TSS visa has taken permanent residency off the table for many, there are still opportunities for operators to hire or retain overseas workers.

Immigate specialises in securing strategic sponsored visa solutions for hospitality businesses.

With over 13 years industry experience, Immigate can guide operators through the most appropriate sponsorship programs and shine a light on new visa solutions that are not commonly explored.

For example, Immigate can assist your business in negotiating and securing labour agreements with the Department of Immigration to obtain streamlined sponsorship visas for your overseas cooks, chefs and trade workers.

Immigate can also provide alternative sponsored visa solutions through on-hire labour agreements should your business not meet standard sponsorship requirements, a niche area that most other migration agencies do not offer.

In addition, Immigate can assist with standard sponsorship working visas such as 482 visas and ENS/RSM.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the noise around the skills shortage, it’s important to note the Department of Immigration has recently shown a more improved processing standards and is making strides to help hospitality businesses fill vacant positions by accessing overseas skills.

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