These days, restaurants and other hospitality businesses are relying more and more heavily on online orders.

Although digital services are good for diversifying revenue streams and keeping operations afloat, it can be difficult to juggle the various orders coming in and to send the right data to the right places.

Deliverit is an integrated order software system that is bringing a technological revolution to this aspect of hospitality.

The streamlined system ensures all of your orders, regardless of their source, come through to one place, connecting with your delivery management systems to ensure the right information goes where you need it to. The result is a convenience that saves staff time and flows onto your customers.

Behind the scenes, Deliverit’s tech-savvy delivery software connects front of house and back of house through kitchen display systems, reducing friction between the areas at the busiest times by digitising real-time information. The information is more accurate than manual systems, too, thanks to automated reporting.

On the customer’s end, it translates to real-time order status updates and driver activity.

The comprehensive order solution is purpose-built for restaurants, and comprises an all-in-one POS with online and mobile ordering, as well as back-of-house and food delivery apps in one simple, intuitive system.

At a time when hospitality businesses are having to juggle so many styles of customer demands, and when customers themselves expect efficiency and accuracy, tech-savvy solutions such as Deliverit are crucial for saving time and staying ahead of the competition.

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