For over 10 years, CTB AND CO. have been transforming the hospitality industry with innovative technology and applications that reduce data entry, minimise costs and maximise profits.

Founder and CEO, Andrew Briese, trained as a chef and worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. He came to realise there was a severe lack of digital applications to assist hospitality venues in developing their business structures and finances. His approach: develop solutions and tools from a chef’s perspective that provide a streamlined workflow with complete financial and operational transparency.

Cooking the Books (CTB) was built 10 years ago to modernise kitchen processes and help owners make profitable and effective decisions for their food businesses. The program allows users to generate recipe and ingredient costs, reduce waste, produce restaurant-savvy reports, plan recipe cards and build cost-effective menus.

As the CTB platform boomed, an array of other management applications were built and designed for food and beverage, as well as healthcare and retail industries.

Drinking the profits: Raise the bar with beverage cost control

From wineries and social clubs to rooftop bars and beer gardens, reduce bar operating costs, optimise your drink lists, control inventory and halve the time spent on stocktake.

Invoice Ripper: Match order to invoice

Invoice Ripper allows you to digitally track all of your purchase orders and their corresponding invoices, request credit notes, export invoices to your accounting system and generate key reports.

Sticky Dates: Forget the dot with custom labelling

Create custom food-safe labels that you can easily and quickly print with our wireless Sticky Dates printer.

Keeping it cool: Temperature control in the cloud

HACCP recording and monitoring with optional digital temperature recording sensors available.

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