At Alsco, we know that no matter the size of your restaurant, having the right aesthetics is important — and so is making sure you have a safe, hygienic space for your staff and your customers. First impressions are crucial and can make or break whether a potential customer will want to dine in your restaurant.

We all know that in this ramp up time after restrictions begin to lift, we need to take a careful approach — and laundered linen will definitely set the standard for hygiene and cleanliness in your venue. But if we look past hygiene, what other factors should you consider? 

Restaurant decor

It is important to consider your restaurant’s theme and what artwork and fixtures you have around your restaurant when deciding to set up. How hygienic and clean does it feel and look from the moment people walk in? What kind of experience do you want to provide for your customers? Is it a fine dining establishment or a family friendly environment?

You may want to consider simple and elegant tablecloths and napkins or you may want to experiment with colours if you’re after a more casual look for your restaurant. And, at a time when hygiene will be king, having a fully laundered solution will set you apart, providing customers with peace of mind.

Seating arrangements

As the restrictions start to ease, you will need to consider the kind of seating arrangements you plan on having for your restaurant. Long tables that can fit a large group, round tables so everyone can talk with each other or cosy two-person tables for date nights — and how much spacing will you need to allow?

Having the right size and type of tablecloths for your tables can be visually appealing, encouraging customers to come into your restaurant. Napkins can be another way to customise your tables and can be used to enhance and complement your restaurant’s environment. They can also be safely laundered and returned clean and sanitised for use. 

Kind of food being served

Table settings can vary depending on the type of food being served. For example, cutlery and utensils required for an Italian restaurant is vastly different to that required for an Indian restaurant. If you’re serving Indian food, you may want to have some light coloured linen on your tables to enhance the vibrancy of your dishes. Or if you’re serving messier foods such as soup, a dark linen may be more suited to ensure any mess made by customers isn’t emphasised or detracting from the aesthetics.

Restaurant lighting and mood

Having the right restaurant lighting can alter a restaurant’s mood immensely. Low lighting provides a more intimate ambience whereas brighter lighting is more compatible with a livelier environment. Choosing a linen set that complements the lighting and environment is vital for enhancing the customer experience.

Don’t compromise on hygiene, safety, and on your dining experience by using inadequate linen for your tablecloths and napkins. At Alsco, we can provide a wide range of table linen (five times more hygienic than a bare table top) and napkins through our managed rental services. We can tailor our linen to suit your business needs — whether you require different sizes for different tables, or napkins to suit your tables, we can help. With our managed rental service, pay one fee and let us take care of all your table linen needs, including hygienic cleaning, restocking, and delivery.