Adding Australian-grown sweet potato chips to your dine-in, takeaway or home delivery menu is the ideal solution to expanding your offering – and one that will give you the ‘Edgell edge’ on the competition.

Delivering top quality every time across all the products in its extensive foodservice range, Edgell is committed to creating innovative solutions to ensure your business will always have the edge on the others.

Edgell sweet potato chips exemplify this commitment. Using only Australian-grown sweet potatoes paired with Edgell’s world-class delivery-style batter and seasoning, Edgell has created the best sweet potato chip on the market.

With a longer hold time than any comparable sweet potato product on the market, and a distinctive savoury flavour profile to ensure customer satisfaction every time, it’s no wonder Edgell sweet potato chips have proven themselves a sure-fire hit across Australian foodservice venues.

And thanks to Edgell’s world-class delivery style batter, your customers need never have a soggy sweet potato chip again – regardless of whether you serve them as a side dish, snack, main meal component or takeaway/home delivery treat.

Not only do Edgell sweet potato chips stay hot and crisp during their holding time, they also boast a vibrant, appealing colour and taste great when paired with your customer’s choice of dipping sauce.

The 10mm cut delivers great yield while also ensuring a fast cook time and good temperature retention. And with sweet potato perceived as a healthier option, Edgell sweet potato chips make an ideal menu upgrade option.

So put an end to soggy sweet potato chips by choosing a product that ticks all the boxes and gives you the edge on customer appeal!

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