Want to stay ahead in the ever more competitive foodservice market? You need products which will make your menu stand out from the crowd and ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

In recognition of this, the team at Edgell are committed to developing innovative product solutions designed to make it easier for you to create and maintain that competitive edge that will drive success for your business.

As Australia’s premium large-scale frozen vegetable and potato manufacturer, with produce sourced from more than 300 Australian farmers, Edgell’s expertise is second to none. And thanks to stringent quality assurance procedures, Edgell delivers top quality every time.

“Our entire focus is to ensure our customers can have confidence in the knowledge that when they choose Edgell products, they’ll be getting the quality, consistency and presentation they expect,” says Edgell Executive Chef David White.

“A lot of effort goes into delivering on that promise – it starts with the seeds grown by our farmers, goes right through the supply chain where we work only with the best farming, processing and packaging techniques, and culminates in our culinary team who are dedicated to staying at the forefront of global trends and flavour developments. I believe that expertise shines through in the innovative products we’re able to offer the market.”

David adds that Edgell’s commitment to giving foodservice businesses the edge doesn’t stop with its products. “We’re not just about making products, but helping our customers match the right product with their needs – our aim is always to provide a total solution.”

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