Sweet potato is a highly nutritious vegetable and demand for sweet potato chips has been strong ever since they were introduced to the Australian market.

While chips have always been a big seller in foodservice, offering sweet potato chips allows you to provide customers with an alternative which is perceived as a healthy option. Whether served as a takeaway treat, side dish, main meal component or snack, sweet potato chips are sure to be a hit.

Edgell has held back from introducing a sweet potato chip into the market until now – devoting considerable research and resources into creating the best possible chip made from Australian grown sweet potato.

“To that end we partnered with Sweet Potatoes Australia, who are based in the prime sweet potato growing region of Bundaberg, to find the perfect Aussie sweet potato in terms of shape, colour, flavour and processing suitability.” — David White – Executive Chef, Simplot Australia

“It was a big selection process – we went through a dozen different varieties – and in the end we produced what we think is the perfect sweet potato chip. It has a brightly appealing colour and really hits the flavour sweet spot – it looks and tastes like sweet potato and we’ve topped it off by coated it in our premium batter, which is the crispiest in the market.”