Edgell Crispy Flats, the latest addition to the Edgell Supa Crunch range, come in a unique 5mm x 22mm flat cut which delivers generous plate coverage, outstanding yield and delicious crunch. Whether you stack, dip or load them, their versatile shape makes them an appealing addition to any menu — as an appetiser, side serve or second fry.

“Offering a cut that your competitors can’t match creates a point of difference and the novelty factor is great for business — customers love to see something new and fresh on the menu,” says David White, executive chef at Simplot Australia which owns the Edgell brand.

Edgell Crispy Flats are ultra-thin, which makes for exceptional presentation and a unique eating appearance, and they taste great too. “They’ll really shine on the pub and club menu but they’ll work in a myriad of other applications too,” says White. “You can serve them as a dipping chip in a large bowl to share, as a crispy side or use them to load up or stack meals such as in a burger build or as part of a club sandwich.”

For more information on the Edgell chips range visit www.simplotfoodservice.com.au/categories/potato