The premium flavour, mouthfeel and texture of dairy cream makes it an essential ingredient in any commercial kitchen. Now, thanks to Anchor™ Food Professionals, it’s easy to have it on hand whenever you need it, in a variety of formats to suit all menu applications.

And as managing changing customer numbers and protecting against ingredient wastage continue to be key concerns for foodservice operators, the long shelf life of Anchor™ cream products ensures further peace of mind.

Whatever your requirements, you’ll find a product that suits in the extensive Anchor™ cream range:

Anchor Culinary Cream comes partially reduced, which means it reaches coating consistency faster than conventional cream – saving you cooking time and cutting down on food costs and wastage. Specially formulated to hold at high temperatures, it’s ideal when you need to cook, chill and reheat.

Anchor Extra Yield Culinary Cream comes fully pre-reduced, saving you valuable prep time and labour costs, and delivers up to 30 per cent greater yield than conventional cream. One litre in the pack equals a full one litre for use! It will withstand acidic environments without splitting or curdling, making it a great choice for savoury dishes like pasta as well as sweet applications.

Anchor Whipping Cream is versatile longlife cream with less fat than standard cream and superior consistency that delivers on both presentation on taste. This high performing whipping cream keeps its shape and won’t let you down, making it the ideal choice to showcase your culinary skills on dessert and patisserie items.

Anchor Whipped Aerosol Cream is real farm fresh whipped cream with no added sugar, ultra-pasteurized to ensure freshness and packaged in an easy to use, hygienic aerosol canister. Simply swirl straight from the can to top hot or cold beverages or garnish tarts, cakes and desserts. Each can delivers up to 2.5 litres of perfectly textured whipped cream in a cost-effective, convenient format.

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