Salt and pepper squid is a popular and versatile menu item that your customers know and love.

I&J now have two great products available that are ready to plate in three minutes from frozen, simply add to your own menu creation and serve.

I&J’s succulent tender hand-cut bartramii squid, paired with our premium crispy coatings, are perfect for customers wanting premium squid.

Using only the finest ingredients, each piece of squid has been sliced and ‘pineapple cut’ by hand.

Using batramii squid ensures you always get a product that is without membrane, tender to eat and mild in flavour with a rustic ‘made from scratch’ appearance.

The ‘pineapple cut’ squid delivers great batter adherence, which means customers get a great crunchy coating that’s not too thick or gluggy and retains flavour. There is also the added benefit of no coating loss in the deep fryer.

When you combine bartramii squid with I&J’s choice of two coating flavours, Classic or Salt & Cracked Black Pepper, you have the ideal squid to serve across your menu.

I&J Salt & Cracked Black Pepper has a fresh black pepper kick while the Classic has a more traditional southern-style flavour.

Both products are the perfect choice for a wide range of meal applications, from bar snacks to tacos, seafood salads, share platters or an amazing addition to seafood baskets.

Packaged in small 1kg bags with three in a carton, they are easy to store and convenient to have on hand. 

Take only what you need from the freezer and put straight into your fryer… simply cook from frozen for three minutes and serve. There is no time wasted preparing squid from scratch, creating the coating or worrying about the quality and product consistency, I&J has done the work for you.

I&J have been delivering quality seafood and innovation to the foodservice industry since the 1960s. The relentless pursuit continues today, so when you see I&J on a product, you can be assured it’s been developed with quality, experience and expertise. You can trust I&J for great seafood.

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