Day Seven (D7) is serving up innovative industry-intended designer uniforms for the contemporary hospitality global market.

Custom designing alongside managing-owners, and their creative teams finessing their customer experience roadmaps by elevating uniforms for  comfort, confidence, and style leaving customer’s first and last impressions long-lasting and returning. 

Backed by the founder; Molly Kent’s years of industry working experience and knowledge.

On top of her individualistic personal approach to each and every client, her attention to detail and close alignment with each project’s vision is apparent in the custom-design services they execute. 

From concealed terry-toweling wiping panels and snap buttons for ease of don and doffing at the end of a hard day or shirt cuffs in stretch cotton ribbing to pull up and down fiddle-free and on the go, pockets of all sizes for the different items collected day in, day out. 

Breathable, odor-defying flexible movement-freeing fabric are just some of the many ways Kent is providing a uniform solution for not only her peers but changing the game of traditional hospitality workwear at large.

“I’ve found asking my colleagues what they would change or improve  in uniforms and noting unchanged industry culture has been incredibly insightful, yet not surprising they feel the same as I did while on the job and in developing of D7,” says Kent. 

Manufactured in Melbourne Australia and proudly committed to a made-to-order business model to prevent wastage and excess.

The new-age workwear atelier believes front-of-house staff should be a primary consideration when mapping customer experiences as they are the walking, talking billboards of service, success and the overall venue experience. 

Take a look at Day Seven’s 2021campaign film or schedule a call to chat about how they can custom design a sophisticated modern uniform for your team.