ResButler is the only booking platform that offers restaurants, cafes and bars a solution for COVID-19 social distancing regulations as soon as a reservation request is received — 24/7, online and in real-time.

ResButler can do this because it’s the world’s only “space management system”. Unlike other systems, ResButler does more than allocate a booking to a table; it manages the bookings and the tables by taking into account your venue’s space.

Specifically, the ResButler algorithms can dynamically and autonomously reposition, add or remove tables from your floor plan each time a booking request is received. This does more than ensure COVID-19 compliance — it optimises the use of space.

ResButler can do all this because it is the only system globally that reconsiders all bookings when deciding where to allocate the latest request. This means VIP’s can automatically be allocated to their favourite table too.

ResButler ensures:

  1. Bookings will be dynamically allocated within your venue to comply with the social distancing requirements online and in real-time, each time a booking is requested.
  2. Tables and chairs will be dynamically repositioned and reallocated each time a booking is made or edited.
  3. Bookings made online during service can also be dynamically managed so that people do not need to go to a restaurant and queue for an available table.

ResButler also offers the most cost-effective system with a license fee of $44 per month for a 50 seat restaurant plus a booking fee of only $0.05 cents per confirmed and seated patron.

In July 2020 ResButler will launch its ordering app, which customers can use to pre-order or order at the table and pay for their meal from their mobile device. The ResButler ordering app will also allow guests to order and split bills to minimise contact with staff. The launch will make ResButler the only complete COVID-19 solution in the world.

ResButler is cloud-based, so it can be used anywhere with minimal equipment and fuss. Please see and explore the ResButler difference by visiting our ResButler website or contact the team via email.

ResButler brings you the world’s only intelligent reservations system at a price even the smallest venues can afford.