Cookers has celebrated its 21st birthday on November 6, 2021 which is a significant milestone. From small beginnings in Laverton North, Cookers has grown to being a national business operating out of 10 sites Covering both metropolitan and regional areas.

The primary premise of the business is one of sustainability. We deliver fresh premium cooking oil (Australian made) and collect your used cooking oil as part of our full end-to-end service. By providing the bulk equipment on a free loan basis, Cookers eliminates packaging waste. Much of the used oil is transformed into renewable fuels such as Biodiesel and HVO. 

In addition to this, some of Cookers’ electricity is from renewable sources and all trucks are washed utilising collected rain water.

Cookers’ business model is built on uniformity throughout our entire network.  It offers a variety of oil types and ensures they are of the highest possible standard.  Our equipment is manufactured in Australia and is built for reliability. Cookers aims to provide a Best Practice Solution to oil management at a reasonable price.

Along the way, Cookers has been the preferred supplier across the Australian Foodservice Industry including Restaurants, Casual Dining, Cafes, Take away, Hotels and Fast Food establishments.

Throughout the 21 years in operation, Cookers has provided reliable service for many partners who have contributed to our growth.

To our loyal customers, thank you for your support throughout our journey! We will continue to deliver on our promise as Australia’s market leading, freshest and most sustainable oil solution.

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