Milk-based coffees are the backbone of Aussie café culture, but as more flat white drinkers turn to dairy alternatives the industry has had to evolve.

It’s no longer just vegans opting for dairy-free coffee; flexitarians are on the rise too and others are simply looking to cut back from three glasses of full-cream milk a day to one or two. So, what’s a barista to-do? While black coffee — think filter, cold brew and batch — are gaining traction, it’s the race for a planted-based alternative to milk that’s captivated the industry.

Out of the plethora of plant-based options on the market, one product is beginning to pull ahead in the popularity stakes — oat.

Oat alternatives have taken the coffee world by storm, but that’s come with challenges for baristas. And, until now, there hasn’t been alternative that offers the same creamy satisfaction as a dairy. Enter Chobani Oat Barista Edition.

The new dairy milk alternative from Chobani Australia was designed specifically with baristas in mind. It’s got superior taste and steams like a dream compared to the current competition. Plus, it’s only available through Chobani Australia’s foodservice channel — so coffee connoisseurs will need to head into their local café to try a Chobani Oat latte.

It’s an impressive entrant from a company that’s known best for its iconic yogurt.

“Our mission at Chobani has always been about bringing better food to all people, and I couldn’t be more excited to share that for the first time in Australia, we’re setting our sights beyond yogurt with the launch of Chobani Oat Barista Edition,” says Managing Director Chobani Australia Lyn Radford.

“We’ll never abandon our dairy roots — yogurt is and always will be an important part of the Chobani story, but it’s only the first chapter. When we say better food for all people, that includes those looking for non-dairy options, and that’s exactly what Chobani Oat is all about.”

Chobani is so confident baristas will froth Chobani Oat, they’re offering you a case to try for FREE. Get yours here.