Jason Anderson is the head chef at Brisbane’s Buffalo Bar, a restaurant known for serving up classic American dishes. Anderson applies his contemporary cooking style to well-known favourites including TABASCO® Brand Green Jalapeño Sauce. The sauce is made from mild green jalapeño chillies that have a tangy, zesty flavour.

The inspiration behind Anderson’s dish is prawn toast, which brings back nostalgic childhood memories for the chef. “It is fried chicken skin in a spiced rice flour, then we have a bread mayonnaise,” says the chef. “We have a green sauce which consists of coriander dill, garlic, pickles and TABASCO® Brand Green Jalapeño Sauce.”

Balanced flavour profiles are created with each component in the prawn toast iteration. The creaminess of the mayonnaise and the crispiness of the chicken is complemented by the acidity and spice that comes from the barbecued prawns and green sauce. “The prawns are barbecued before they’re moved to a bowl and glazed over a flame in chilli, lime, garlic and tomato,” says Anderson. “It’s finished off with shallots and dill.”

The green sauce adds brightness to the dish and binds everything together. “I chose the TABASCO® Brand Green Jalapeño Sauce because I eat it a lot; it’s actually my favourite Tabasco,” says Anderson. “I put it on a lot of things, but I think it enhances the flavour of the herbs and the other elements. I just think it’s a great sauce.”